H3 System provides high quality, cost effective tele-healthcare solutions.

Competitive Advantages 

Easy to use
  • Measure blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and other medical data as usual.
  • Data transmission is fully automatic.
  • Installation is very easy as well.
No additional equipment needed
  • You don't have to have a PC.
  • You can use a phone line, an internet line, or mobile networks.
  • All you need is electric power.
Multi-device compatibility
  • Glucometer, blood pressure monitor, weight scale, heart rate monitor, thermometer, pulse oximeter and inhaler.
  • Additional devices in development
Cost effective and reliable
  • Broad price spectrum and cost effective tele-healthcare solution.
  • Over 10,000 world-wide users
  • Commercialized in Korea and US, and the other countries.
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