Bluetooth Adapters



  • Easy to use (Just take a reading)
  • Suitable size to carry
  • Long battery life (6 months)
  • Connectivity to Android and iPhone

System Configuration



General features

  • Receives data from a glucometer
  • Sends the data to other devices such as a mobile phone, a gateway and so on
  • Empowers a glucometer with cable connection only to send data via wireless communication (From Serial to Bluetooth)


There are 4 sub-models for 4 vendors, respectively.

One model can communicate with 5 vendors' glucometers.

Device Interface
Serial, IR

Communication networks

BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy)
BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy)
Dimension and power supply
  • Size : 70x47x16mm
  • Weight : 30g (Not including dry cells)
  • Power supply : Dry cells (AAA Size) 2EA

Supported glucometer models

  • Glucometer J&J: OneTouch Ultra, OneTouch Ultra2, OneTouch Ultra mini/easy.
  • Glucometer Bayer: Contour, Contour Next EZ, Contour XT, Contour TS.
  • Glucometer Abbott: FreeStyle, FreeStyle Lite, FreeStyle Freedom Lite.
  • Glucometer Nipro: TRUE Track, TRUE Balance, TRUE Result, TRUE Metrix.
  • Glucometer Roche: ACCU CHECK Aviva, ACCU CHECK Aviva Plus.
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