11. Participated in MEDICA 2016
05. Participated in ATA 2016 (US, Minneapolis)
02. Establish a branch office in US
01. Launched 3G Tele-health Modem(H3G-800) in US after Verizone certification


11. Participated in MEDICA 2015
05. Participated in ATA 2015 (US, LA)
04. Participated in FIBO 2015 (Ger, Koln)
03. Acquired FCC certification for HRM-3200
01. Participated in CES 2015 (US, Las vegas)


11. Participated in MEDICA 2014
09. Developed wearable patient monitor for pilot tests
07. Participated in Wearable Tech 2014 (US, New York)
05. Participated in ATA 2014 (US, Baltimore)
04. Updated KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification for Heart Rate Monitor (HRM-1000)


12. Venture capital investment
11. Participated in MEDICA 2013
05. Participated in ATA 2013


12. TTA Certification Best Award
11. [KIA] Award for Global Marketing Promotion UCC Contest
10. [DAEJEON TECHNOPARK] Chosen to be funded by Global New Market Frontier Business
10. Award for U-Health Wireless Heart Rate Monitor GD(Good Design)
08 CDMA Gateway (H3G-650) Passed U.S. Verizon IOT
08 Exported 500 units of CDMA Gateway (H3G-650)
07 U.S. FDA approved BT-GPRS Gateway
05 Q-CARE Gateway(H3G-600) Passed KT IOT
03 Selection for Global Standard Certification Qualification Support Project from The Small and Medium Business Administration


05. Acquired KGMP(Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) certification for Heart Rate Monitor(HRM-1000)
03. Obtained Export capability reinforcement project by Daejeon-Choongnam SMBA (The Small & Medium Business Administration)
03. Acquired a FCC(Federal Communications Commission) certificate for GSM/GPRS Gateway


10. Exported GSM/GPRS Gateway to US
08. Obtained DAEJEON TECHNOPARK R&D project for technology completion improvement
08. Passed the first official test on the standard WAN interface
07. Obtained Overseas exhibition support project by KITA (The Korea International Trade Association)
04. Joined IHE(Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)
03. Acquired a FCC(Federal Communications Commission) certificate for Bluetooth Adapter(BA-100)


11. Venture Capital Investment
11. System Integration to government(Ministry For Health, Welfare and Family Affairs) for USN-based Tele-Health Monitoring Project
07. Provision of Bio-signal Sensor Devices and Healthcare Server to ETRI(Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) for SMMD
06. Cooperation Agreement with Sunchunhyang Univ. Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation and u-Healthcare Research Center
06. Provision of the Motion Artifact Free Wearable Heart Rate Monitors
05. System Integration of CDSS(Clinical Decision Support System) for USN-based Tele-Health Monitoring Project
04. Provision of u-Health Gateway(GAC-422D)
03. Move of the head office to Doryong-dong Yuseong-gu Daejeon
02. Provision of PSTN Gateways & Blood Pressure Meters to KT(Korea Telecom) for u-Diabetes Management Service in Kyung-Ju Public Health Center
02. joined the Continua Health Alliance

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